Education & Tennis

Education and Tennis pathways

Please see below how easy it is to combine tennis and education within the WimX structure. If you are a committed performance player, WimX will work to maximize your time available to train for tennis.

WimX host tennis and education open days throughout the year to discuss all of these options in more detail. Contact us to find out when the next date is.

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School Partnerships

WimX have developed school partnerships in order to offer a middle ground between staying in conventional schooling and squeezing in 8 hours per week and going to Freedom and playing 20+ hours per week. These school partners promise a degree of academic flexibility to players taking GCSEs or 16-18 subjects. Both these programs make it possible to play between 10-18 hours per week.

Felsted School

Felsted is a leading co-educational private school based in North Essex. Students on the WimX pathway at Felsted are able to study fewer subjects and have up to 2 days a week of school time to dedicate to their tennis. The school also has a scholarship and bursary program so strong tennis players can get their education subsidised and also receive some free tennis. Players attend six hours of WimX Felsted Squads and a bespoke program makes up the other hours.


Barnet and Southgate College

Our new FE Partner, Barnet and Southgate College really go the extra mile for the tennis student. Not only do they offer flexibility on the school timetable for A levels or BTEC studies, they financially support the individual tennis program, provide phsysiotherapy and  also pay for all students to complete their L1 and L2 tennis coaching qualifications. Qualifications taken here can be easily combined with the Advanced Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence.

This program naturally leads on to the University of East London Tennis Scholarship Program or to an American tennis scholarship.


At WimX you can access the Advanced Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence (AASE) programme through our partner the University of East London.  You can find the full details of this scheme on the LTA site, but essentially it provides funding for a 10 hr per week tennis program. The difference with our scheme is that it includes free physiotherapy and is fully integrated with the full-time academy and the UEL high performance tennis program. Programs are bespoke and players can choose their 8 tennis hours from a 28 hour squad program so we can easily accommodate everyone, even if they are full-time at school. Coaches will also travel to tournaments with AASE players and there is a direct pathway onto the university program. Many of our educational partners have boarding options and we are able to build a fully professional program around the AASE program at additional cost.

To find out more or to apply please email the AASE Manager Victoria Davies  or call us on 07815-693284.

Freedom Learning

WimX have a unique education partner in Freedom learning.

With Freedom, it is possible to take certain A -level subjects which take just 3-4 hours per week of classroom time and GCSEs in just 2 -3 hours per week. Students often take GCSEs over just 1 year but can still do up to 9 subjects. This arrangement frees up individuals to train and compete more whilst also allowing the flexibility for extra sessions to make up for any missed classes.

Freedom also offer a re-take service. so if your GCSEs or A-levels didn’t go as well as planned you can have another attempt.

Qualifications taken here can be easily combined with the Advanced Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence. This program naturally leads on to the University of East London Tennis Scholarship Program or to an American tennis scholarship.

For more information on our education partner please visit the Freedom website.


Vocational Learning

At WimX it is also possible to combine a serious tennis program with some vocational qualifications and positions.

Internships and Apprenticeships

Each year we have internships and/or apprenticeships in the following areas which may be combined with a tennis training program and other relevant qualifications.

Strength & Conditioning
Sports Administration
Tennis Coaching & Playing

University Degrees

Combine professional tennis with a university degree – click for more information

In 2012, WimX and UEL applied for and gained LTA performance university status and began its performance program. There is lots more information on the East London Tennis Campus website but essentially it was created to provide an alternative to choosing the USA option or going full- time. The program we have set up allows complete academic flexibility and the ability to combine a university degree with a professional training and touring program.

There are up to 100% scholarships and bursaries available with tennis training as part of the package. In its first year UEL/WimX had two national champions both from players who would not have been playing university tennis without this program existing!

Tennis Coaching Courses

As well as general sports coaching courses, WimX run L1 and L2 coaching courses through WimX Learning. Please visit that website to see our latest course dates. Discounts are often available to WimX performance players.

Please also see information at our partner site, East London Tennis Campus.