About WimX Tennis

Introduction to WimX

tennis-imgBenefit from our Playing Experience. The WimX Academy is the only academy where five former tour and wimbledon players are working together as a coaching team. The founding WimX partners of Andrew Foster, Jo Ward, Lorna Woodroffe, Helen Crook and Victoria Davies have a wealth of knowledge of the British and international game through combined experiences of travelling and competing on the tour. The partners are all former British No.1s and No.2s, have all held world rankings between 69 and 160 and between them have won 99 professional titles. They have also competed in all of the Grand Slams as well as representing Britain in the Olympics, Davis Cup, Federation Cup, European Cup and Hopman Cup.

Benefit from our Coaching Experience. The founders have worked with players in the top 100 in the world and many players competing at Grand Slams and on the ITF professional circuits. On the junior side, the team have turned many club players into national, matrix and ITF players as well as taking players from U11 through to U14 top 50 in the world. As a result the wimx team are aware of and always planning for the whole tennis player journey. It’s great to excel when you are mini tennis age, but at WimX the plan is always to become the best yellow ball player you can be.

The WimX partners all continue to play active roles through on-court coaching and off court programme management, however, the growing team of WimX Associate Coaches are now also playing key roles in developing players and establishing new venues.

The WimX team have a number of coaches working with them at the Academy as well as a band of professionals providing Sport Psychology, Fitness Training and Nutrition.

The enthusiasm, support and commitment of the team to its players and facility has proven to create a thriving environment where players enjoy the challenges of improvement and have pride in themselves and respect and encouragement for one another. This can only and does only result in players playing longer and achieving more.

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Coaching Ethos

The Academy’s programs are devised to include all levels of commitments from players and parents. From the full on ‘Package’ program, which encompasses all the needs of a committed player to the one hour a week player.

It is WimX’s aim to empower all players with the right advice, training system and support to allow them the opportunity to reach their potential and get the most out of their tennis journeys.

WimX believe in coaching players as individuals and developing the natural game within each player. The common thread found in all of the Academy’s teachings is emphasis on good movement

and attitude. We are dedicated to fulfilling potential, whatever it may be, and in order to maximise potential and development, we know we must watch our players compete. We also plan tournament schedules to ensure that players have the best chance of improving their game, ranking and rating.

With the WimX Academy’s direction and supportive team environment players are playing longer and achieving more.