Use Government Funding to Change your Career!

When you think of students and learning you may find that images are conjured up of young adults, children and teenagers all setting out on their path of knowledge. But who says that learning has to stop just because you have reached a certain age or stage in your life.

At WimX  we definitely know that age should be no barrier to learning, however we do understand that there are some financial barriers that can prove instrumental in stopping those who wish to expand their knowledge or set in place skills for a career path that they are looking to take.

That is why we are big believers and supporters of the 24+ Advanced Learning Loan scheme put in place by the UK government. This scheme was created in order to allow people over the age of 24 to continue their learning and improve their career and business prospects and get their life going in the right direction! So whether you want to change your job, gain a second income or start working for yourself this grant can help you.

Sounds great; tell me more about this great scheme!

There is no upper age limit for the 24+ scheme which means that anyone, at any stage in their life can develop their skills and change their own life path for the better. They cover the Level 3 and Level 4 coursers across the learning spectrum which can include A levels, Access to Higher Education Diplomas and other certificates and diplomas too.

These loans are not dependent on the level of income that your household has and you will not need to pay anything back until you are earning over £21,000 per year. Any repayments that will be required can be calculated simply and quickly online  before you make any decision on whether you would like to go ahead with your plans.

What can WimX offer me within this scheme?

With WimX you can become a personal trainer taking the L2 and L3 courses  required or become a course tutor in something you are qualified in through our teaching and assessing pathway . We will be offering more courses soon but you can access this funding with many different training providers. We believe that this is a wonderful opportunity for you to  learn the skills that you will need to become a personal trainer for example, and start applying for work right away.

Our courses are available in East London, Berkshire and Newcastle and once applied for you will not need to pay anything back until April 2016, allowing you to earn money in your chosen career before you even need to think about paying back the initial loan amount.

So what are you waiting for? The world is now at your fingertips. With so many different types of courses available  to choose from there is nothing to stop you reaching for those goals in both your personal and professional life. Take a jump and discover what you can be when you not only put your mind to it but also have the financial support behind you.

Why not speak to WimX  and discover what our Personal Trainer course can mean for you. A new life, a new world and maybe a new you too!

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