Coach Provider Service


WimX Tennis has a large and growing coaching workforce with vast experiences of all levels of the game and can provide a reliable and high level service for any organisation requiring a tennis coach.

We currently work with many partners in this coach provider role such as clubs, schools, local authorities, leisure trusts and disability groups.

All WimX Coaches supplied have a strong administration back up from the central office which eliminates many of the pitfalls of employing an individual coach. For example if we are supplying a coach for your Monday evening sessions and the coach can’t make it, we will send someone else.

WimX Tennis is an accredited coaching course provider and so can also run tennis coaching and leader courses for your own students, staffs or clients as well as other sport and leisure courses. Please ask us if you need more information on this.

Strength and Conditioning

WimX has invested heavily in its sport science resources over the years and now has a very strong strength and conditioning arm. As a result, we can also help small sports clubs (not just tennis clubs) to have a professional S&C workforce by supplying coaches.

WimX S&C is also available to work with young athletes from all sports and players from other tennis clubs to provide a professional program at a reasonable price.