Education and Tennis Overview for 16+

Options for all 16+ players include tennis and education programs as well as full-time. See the table for more detailed information including the subsidised and FREE training packages for serious tournament players and where these programs can lead to at aged 19+.

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Clink on the links in the table below for more details on each option

16-18 SCHOLARSHIPS at WimX Academy
PLACE OF STUDY QUALS TENNIS Individual S&C Other support
Barnet & Soughgate College (AASE equivalent) Free A Levels or BTEC at no cost 6 hrs free 2 hrs free Free L1 and L2 tennis Free Physio
WimX Vocational Sports Pathway Free Sports-related qualifications 6 hrs free 2 hrs free
Freedom Learning A Levels or BTEC 6 hrs free 2 hrs free Bespoke work based qualification package
Any Private School N/A 4 hrs free on package of 8 hrs for £40 pw 3 hrs for £30 Bespoke work based qualification package
Any Other school N/A 4 hrs free on package of 8 hrs for £40 pw 3 hrs for £30


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Clink on the links in the table below for more details on each option

18+ OPTIONS at WimX Academy
18+ Options Annual cost DETAILS
WimX Touring Team £2950 Designed for those playing professional tournaments, this includes 1.5 days training per week with individual S&C and program management. Experienced tour coaches will attend at least 10 tournaments per year with tour team players and the schedule will include ITF futures, British Tours and other selected events.
Career Year Full time £4500 – £9000 Improve your tennis and your CV. with 10 -20 hrs training per week plus 3 work-related qualifications with mentoring support and work experience (eg tennis coaching, S&C, gym instructing)
GAP YEAR Varies Take year off after sixth form and do full-time training with whatever education options you desire (even none)
Career Year B&S College FREE After your sixth form studies,  take any vocational qualification offered by the college and get up to 6 hrs free tennis
UEL Scholarship Program Dependent on scholarship A flexible option to improve your tennis (whatever your level) within a professional environment whilst studying for an undergraduate or post graduate degree.
Tour Player Package £3600 Limited to tour level players with ATP/WTA rankings or LTA ratings of 2.1 and higher this package is for 30 weeks and includes 16 hrs training per week

Freedom Learning

WimX have a unique education partner in Freedom learning.

With Freedom, it is possible to take GCSEs in just 2 -3 hours per week and certain A level subjects in just 3-4 hours per week of classroom time. This allows the students to have enough time for 18-22hr per week of training and still have time for recovery and family social time.  Students often take GCSEs over just 1 year but can still do up to 9 subjects. Freedom is an option from 12-13 years old but in some cases they will arrange education for younger players if the need arises.

Freedom also offer a re-take service. so if your GCSEs or A-levels didn’t go as well as planned you can have another attempt.

Specific University access courses or course with UCAS points can also be taken so this whole program leads naturally on to the University of East London Tennis Scholarship Program or to an American tennis scholarship.

For more information on our education partner please visit the Freedom website.

School Partnerships

WimX have developed school partnerships in order to offer a middle ground between staying in conventional schooling and squeezing in 8 hours per week and going to Freedom and playing 20+ hours per week. These school partners promise a degree of academic flexibility to players taking GCSEs or 16-18 subjects. Both these programs make it possible to play between 10+ hours per week.

Barnet and Southgate College

Barnet and Southgate College are our lead sixth form partner and really go the extra mile for the tennis scholarship students. Not only do they offer flexibility on the school timetable for A levels or BTEC studies, they financially support the individual tennis program, provide phsysiotherapy and  also pay for all students to complete their L1 and L2 tennis coaching qualifications.  Now that the LTA are no longer offering the AASE programme, this is the only alternative delivering 10 free hours of training now in place.

There are three tiers to their program:

  1. Performance  – 10 hours free performance training open to players rated 1.1-5.1
  2. Potential – 8 hours free performance training open to players rated 5.2-8.1
  3. Workforce Development – 4 hours free training open to players rated 8.2 to 10.2

This program naturally leads on to the University of East London Tennis Scholarship Program or to an American tennis scholarship.


Felsted School

Felsted is a leading co-educational private school based in North Essex. Students on the WimX pathway at Felsted are able to study fewer subjects and have up to 2 days a week of school time to dedicate to their tennis. WimX coaches deliver sessions on site at the school and at Harlow Leisurezone.


WimX Career and Gap Years

Improve your tennis and enhance your CV!

Whether you have finished your 16-18 education and are not ready for work or university, or finished university and wish you played more tennis, or if you just want to pursue a different career path – contact us to help you build a bespoke tennis program around earning work-based qualifications. This is an ideal way to have a year of playing tennis as you will gain qualifications as well as a higher rating!

There are three options for your career year:

Full time year  – 20 hrs per week bespoke program and up to 4 qualifications for £9000

Part time year – 10 hrs per week bespoke program and up to 3 qualifications for £4500

Full time with Barnet and Southgate College – take any BTEC or A level subjects and get up to 8 hrs tennis per week – all free of charge.

Register your interest with us.


WimX Vocational Sports Pathway

This is a perfect solution for players aged 16-19 of all standards who want to keep improving their tennis but also to start gaining work experience while they study work related vocational qualifications in a supportive environment. Many of the qualifications packaged up have UCAS points so this can be a good way to access the UEL Scholarship program as you can improve your ratings and therefore chance of scholarship.



This scheme is no longer available to  tennis players until at least 2020. But don’t worry in the meantime you can still get your free 10 hours of training by signing up with Barnet and Southgate College or going on the WimX Vocational Sports Pathway.


University Degrees – UEL Scholarship Program

Combine professional tennis with a university degree – click for more information

In 2012, WimX and UEL applied for and gained LTA performance university status and began its performance program. It was originally created to provide an alternative to choosing the USA option or going full- time.

Our students are able to study undergrad, masters or doctorate degrees. The program we have set up allows complete academic flexibility and the ability to combine a university degree with a professional training and touring program. However, we also pride ourselves on working with all levels of player to maximise their tennis development and we offer career guidance and support for life after University.

So whether you are a budding pro player,  looking to maximise your potential, or to continue to your tennis training post sixth form or post USA college, our  program can provide a supportive training environment led by Andrew Foster, a former top 150 ATP player.

For more information on combining pro tennis with university click here. There are up to 50% scholarships and bursaries available with tennis training as part of the package. For more information on this please email


Education and Tennis pathways

Please see below how easy it is to combine tennis and education within the WimX structure. If you are a committed performance player, WimX will work to maximize your time available to train for tennis.

WimX host tennis and education open days throughout the year to discuss all of these options in more detail. Our next one is around our sixth form offer and is on March 30th and you can register for that here.

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