Want to find an unusual Christmas present?

A simple internet search of “unusual Christmas presents” unfortunately brings up a whole host of the usual suspects selling what on the whole are personalised or novelty gifts which are purportedly not on the high street.


Despite the present economic situation, and thanks largely to our credit cards, many of us still buy that top or pair of shoes we want when we see it.  And while a top chosen by another can be a pleasant addition to your wardrobe which wouldn’t be there otherwise, it can also be an embarrassing disaster. I think it is about time we admit that finding a truly unusual Christmas present is very difficult given that you can pretty much buy a “driving experience” for a loved one, in a supermarket, department store and on about 10,000 websites.


In my mind what makes a good present is if it something that the recipient is unlikely to buy for themselves but they will get something worthwhile out of it, either through unexpected enjoyment or usefulness. Personally speaking, being the lover of “the book” and finding my titles by browsing through actual bookshops I would never in a million years have wanted or bought myself a kindle but now I wouldn’t be without it when I travel.


Last year a couple of my friends became really obsessed with gardening and pretty much bought themselves all the gloves, secatuers and tools needed but they craved information and so also purchased many books on the subject. I had a brainwave and decided to look if I could buy them an interactive education in gardening by booking them on a course. I was genuinely shocked by how difficult it was to both find one and make the purchase as the course market just doesn’t seem to be set up for it. After a fashion, I managed to find a horticultural course in Sussex for the following May for £85.00 but I had to book it all over the phone and make my own voucher. They loved the present but it was all pretty time consuming for me….


As a result, WimX Learning have now provided an option for anyone looking for work, a career change or a second income by running a “Buy Someone a Career this Christmas” campaign. It includes courses to become a fitness instructor, personal trainer, tennis coach, football coach or a tutor/ assessor in a field they are already qualified in.  It would certainly make an unusual and great gift for anyone who is reluctant or unable to commit the money to train up in another field. As part of our Christmas Cracker promotion, we have reduced the courses too and often joined up two courses so it works out as great value.


Other unusual presents found as a result of our facebook campaign to date have included: adopt a bacon sandwich (a pig where you get all the meat from it when fully grown), Nutshell, a contraption to allow you to sleep wherever you want and there are a whole host of mad Japanese inventions listed here.


Anyhow our quest to find truly unusual presents goes on, so please let us know what else is out there which is not available on first page of google!

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