LTA Coach Development Centre

WimX Learning are proud to be one of only 12 LTA Coach Development Centres around the UK working in partnership with the LTA on delivering the new qualification pathway. 

As part of this new network WimX will be delivering the Core Training for the LTA Assistant, LTA Instructor and LTA Coach qualifications as well as First Aid and LTA CPD courses.

 The Qualifications involve face to face days, experience working with a lead coach and online learning. The comprehensive online learning part is conducted through the LTA Learn portal and supports the face to face delivery. It includes videos, online tasks and video submissions.

There are a variety of grants available for these courses which are detailed on the LTA web site here.  Also, please let us know if you require any extra support or assistance during the course, if so, you can see more detail on reasonable adjustments/special consideration requests here.

WimX are the sole provider for Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk.

For a full list of courses please go to our bookings page.

LTA Coach Development Plan and Qualification Framework

See video below to learn more about the new tennis coaching pathway and the LTA Coach Development plan 2021-23

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Please see an outline of the new LTA Qualification and Padel Framework below