Secondary Education

Our partner, Freedom Learning delivers a unique solution to the number of hours needed to specialise in sport and the number of hours spent in class during secondary schooling years. Freedom was established by former professional tennis player and university graduate and the parent of an athlete who could not find an appropriate solution for her child.

Catering for players aged 13 upwards,  Freedom specialises in GCSE and A-level programs and delivers the subjects in just a few hours per subject per week. GCSEs are often taken over just 1 year which allows the students to focus on 3-4 subjects per year and still get a broad base of GCSE passes.

AS, A-Levels, BTEC and other university access programs vary but again the idea is that schooling takes up 8-12 hours per week only in order to allow 20 hours of training without sacrificing anything. In actual fact, our students and parents report that this system allows them more family and social off court time compared to running around squeezing as much sport as possible in around conventional school.

Freedom offer scholarships in exceptional cases and more information can be found at www.freedomschool.co.uk

WimX also work closely with other secondary education institutions such as  Barnet & Southgate College and New College Swindon to deliver an excellent vocational program which can be combined with sports.

We are always look for further partners to expand our secondary school offer especially for those aged 13-16.