Tennis Scholarships

Overview of WimX Scholarship Program

Having ‘been there and done that’ as players and as coaches, no one is better placed to understand the commitment required to fulfil potential and become a professional player. WimX also appreciate what a considerable commitment players and parents on this journey need to make both financially and emotionally. Having established some partnerships with educational institutions we are hopeful that by investing in our committed players  we can make the whole tennis journey more affordable and successful.

Launching in September 2018, the WimX  Scholarship Program which will be available to committed tournament players and support of up to £5000 per year is up for grabs.

There are now several options, from the age of 16, where WimX players can enjoy a fully funded 10 hour training program as part of the overall support packages. Visit the 16-18 overview section to see the fantastic new tennis and education options for players, including an AASE equivalency program.

Scholarships increase with commitment, so tennis program costs could decrease as rankings and ratings improve.

Terms and conditions do apply to this program and there are a limited number of scholarships available. Places will only be awarded to players who are fully committed to their whole journey at the WimX Academy. No membership required!!

The Funding

*additional squad hours for scholarship players are charged at 25% discounted rate.

19+ Options

A lot of our 16-18 options are also relevant to players 19+ depending on your circumstances, you should visit our education and tennis and full-time tennis sections for more details.

The UEL scholarship program which also has limited spaces, provides up to 8 hours free tennis per week allowing for WimX players to be supported from the age of 11 right through to graduating university. This is a scholarship program for THE WHOLE JOURNEY.

Download our scholarship leaflet here.

To apply email info@wimx.org.uk.