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WimX performance training has few competitors in the British market. All five main coaches were ranked British number one or two in their playing careers, which included appearances at Wimbledon, as well as the other Grand Slams and major competitions, and no less than 99 world- ranking tournament title wins. All five main coaches have also coached players to the highest level, including top national players, world-ranked seniors and juniors, and Grand Slam competitors.

This experience, which is shared in the team environment, makes WimX the ideal choice for any player who aims high and has aspirations for professional tennis. Our playing and coaching experiences are very different, which leads to a bespoke approach to our training and competition packages.

Almost all performance players start out as part of a club program but when the desire and commitment is shown then a bespoke training program must be put in place.

A complete performance tennis program involves individual and shared lessons, hitting sessions, individual S&C and a mixture of squads.

At WimX we try to get the balance of squads right and as such have specific themes to most of our squads.

There are a number of types of squad sessions available at the academy for performance and club players each following a termly theme.

Full-time Tennis

The full time tennis option can be for players trying to make their way up the junior ranks, people having a year out or preparing for university as well as seasoned professionals trying to improve their WTA and ATP rankings.

Although they are referred to as full-time, due to our partnerships these sort of programs can also be combined with GCSEs or A-levels at freedom learning and other partners or an undergraduate or masters degree at UEL.

Prices of such professional packages vary especially as we believe in bespoke programming and we always pledge to work to budgets as much as possible. We have four distinct full-time player schemes which you can see here but as a general guideline we believe that a near perfect individual tennis program needn’t cost more than £12,000 per year and many players train effectively on less than £6,500 per year. For tour level players (3.2 rating and higher) WimX also offer a 30 week program for just £3600!

See our Education and Tennis section for more information on combining tennis with studies.

Sport Science Support

Please read on for a summary of our provision or visit the strength and conditioning section of the site. The WimX team firmly believe that individual strength & conditioning training and testing is essential for any player to fulfill their potential. That’s why we work hard to keep the costs of such a necessity as low as possible. We are very fortunate to have teamed up wiht UEL to access world class testing facilities and we have five S&C coaches delivering the daily sessions. See our fitness academy more details on the S&C programs.

WimX are also fortunate to have an in-house physio and a injury predictor and prevention screening service. These screenings are available to performance players as stand-alone or part of a package of screening and physio treatment again delivered at a discounted price.

WimX Youth Academy

The WimX Youth Academy is a part of the LTA Performance Club Network, and an integral component of the WimX Academy in terms of growing quality young players from within through the development and transition programs.

Every WimX venue runs LTA Youth sessions, which welcome newcomers to tennis into a fun and learning-centred environment. Within these sessions children are taught the fundamentals of tennis and athletic development and exposed to the fun side of the sport through games and competitions.

Children who demonstrate a passion for tennis, or who show athletic ability or an aptitude for learning, are encouraged to add more sessions to their week and work towards becoming transition players. These players are building their tennis skills and experience to begin competing in tournaments, and progress further to become performance players who are aspiring to explore the many avenues for future involvement in tennis.

Developed by former British Champions and Grand Slam competitors within the WimX team of coaches and combining coach expertise and playing experiences has led to the formulation of a very strong ethos on player development. WimX believe: “Player production is not just about learning to swing the racket. From an early age we begin preparing children for the varied demands of tour-level tennis by approaching player development holistically.”

The weekly performance program of squad training contains a range of specifically designed sessions to hit the various performance components, for example footwork patterns lessons, tactical groups, Spanish drills, etc, and each half term is organised around a theme which permeates through all lessons. Every performance player’s program is bespoke, created to include certain sessions based on the needs of the athlete. Programs also include individual lessons, shared lessons, and strength and conditioning training and testing, and are in line with Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) guidelines.

Tournament plans are coordinated in consultation with the Program Manager and Primary Coach to balance developmental needs and competition exposure with outcome goals like ratings and rankings.

WimX ensures a ‘whole journey’ approach to player development and early exposure to the demands of high level tennis. When players graduate from the Youth Academy to the WimX Academy proper, they are equipped with the mental and physical ability to perform at the highest level, as well as the tactical and technical games to thrive in domestic and international competition.

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