Work-Ready Bundles

After years of delivering stand-alone qualifications, many of which led to our students getting work, a specific project request led to us realising the enhanced and improved learning experience we can provide when bundling different elements of a program together making the learners work-ready.

As much as possible we will endeavour to identify potential work offers with local providers in the industry as part of a work-ready bundle but at the very least all learners would receive careers advice and support at the end of the process for finding work. The potential elements included will depend on what is needed for the specific role we are training students for but around the main qualification needed options include:

  • Work Experience with prospective employer
  • Safeguarding
  • Prevent
  • First Aid
  • Mental Health First Aid
  • Employability skills
  • Digital Skills

We are interested in developing these bundles with partners in all fields so please get in touch if this is something you are interested in.


A quick look at the government careers advice ( sports-coach) site will tell you that you can earn between £14,000 and £35000 a year being a sports coach and the top recommendation is that you take a university course. A sports coaching qualification is not even listed - although that would be covered by an apprenticeship - but again an apprenticeship is a massive commitment and also not that easy to get on.

With our University elective campaign and work in the community, WimX has spoken to many learners who feel they had to go down the University route to get qualified and who would have been better suited to taking a different route. What’s more, they still have to take an actual coaching qualification outside of their degree to be able to work legally and with insurance. Many people will be making the right choice to go to University but we feel passionate about opening up a career in sports coaching to those who don’t have this option, can’t afford it and aren’t necessarily connected to work opportunities.

So we’d like to qualify and help 100 people next year find work with our Sports Coaching Work-Ready Bundle and we need partners to do it. Please get in touch(link to contact us) if this is something you are interested in.