WimX Foundation

The WimX Foundation (WF) is a not for profit organisation which was set up by the WImX partners in 2011. The foundation exists to support community sports projects and young sporting individuals.

The foundation generates its funds from a percentage of WimX profits, grants from different bodies and fund-raising.

The WF has made grants for sports projects to several schools in the East London areas and funded training for many individuals. While the core of our activity revolves around tennis our activities are not limited to this.


With our limited budget, we like to try to gain maximum impact so tend to restrict our activities to those that involve partnership working. That the way the foundation can put its funds together with other support to do something worthwhile and beneficial to all parties.

Examples of partnership activities we support are listed below:

    • Expanding a sporting provision that is already being funded (e.g turning a 12 week schools tennis program into an 18 week one)
    • Providing strength & conditioning to enhance an existing sporting program
    • Co-host a fund-raising event to provide a free sporting provision
    • Provide free vocational courses

We are very flexible and open to ideas with our only restriction being that all recipients (individuals or groups) would have to be involved with WimX or one of our partners in some way.

If you are interested in becoming a WimX Foundation partner then please get in touch with your ideas of how we can work together.