Pathways to Work

Our whole existence as a training provider is based on provide an effective learning experience helping people attain the qualifications they need to get the jobs they want. The vast majority of our learners walk down recognised and proven pathways to work -whether that be part or fulltime or employed or self employed.
WimX can keep you up to date with First Aid and safeguarding as well as provide courses that could give you the edge on your CV against other candidates such as Mental Health First Aid and Awareness.
Read more about our proven pathways below and see our Learning Bundles which tie in all industry requirements to be fully work ready and also link learners to real job opportunities.

The L2 Certificate in fitness instructing (gym-based exercise) is the required qualification needed to work in a gym. Apart from during lockdown, there are hundreds of jobs available every week in this field and qualifies to take inductions and run group training. It is REPS and SIMPSA endorsed and recognised internationally. (insert salary information and link to gov careers)

The L3 Certificate in Personal Training is the required qualification needed to work as a personal trainer delivering one to one fitness sessions to clients. Many providers offer the L3 Diploma which meets the qualification criteria but the certificate is a shorter, more affordable course and provides the same benefits in terms of gaining employment. It is REPS and SIMPSA endorsed and recognised internationally (insert salary information and link to gov careers)

Our L2 and L3 Certificate in Sports Coaching provide a valid coaching qualification and allow coaches to hold relevant for coach insurance, a vital element for anyone working in this field. This qualification is ideal for anyone who doesn’t have a sports specialism or for someone who wants to coach multiple sports and holds a L1 in other sport specific fields.

In terms of finding employment, these qualifications are appropriate for most multi sport jobs such as camps (international and domestic), school sports (after school & curriculum), sports clubs and youth programs. It can also be accepted in sport specific industries and allow a seniority over others who just hold assistant coach qualifications

LTA Assistant

LTA Instructor

LTA Coach

If you are qualified in a field and are ready to become a tutor in it then you need to take the Level 3 Award in Education and Training. This is the basic training course required for teaching or training anywhere in the public sector as well as the private training industry, FE colleges and HE institutions.  Successfully completing this course will qualify you to teach any course in your specialist area so it is a great course to do if you want to teach up to Level 3 courses. There are also Level 4 and Level 5 equivalents which if achieved mean you can teach up that level.

If you are also interested in assessing, then the Level 3 Assessor Course qualifies you to assess learners in their place of work and in classroom learning environments as well. Most tutors hold both of these qualifications and they are often taken together.

To be able to become a instructor and run the Emergency First Aid at Work qualification that is taken by tens of thousands of people every year as it is required in almost every industry a person would need to take the L3 Certificate in Education & Training and the 3 day First Aid at Work qualification.

Self employment is becoming ever more popular and it allows for more autonomy over your working life. There are many different routes to self employment such as setting up a sole trader in a specialist field, starting a limited company or teaming up with someone to form a partnership. Whatever you do, specialist business training may be of great benefit. Consider taking a business course such as the L2 Certificate in Business Start up, Principles of Business or LEAN organisational techniques to assist you on this journey.

Employability Skills qualifications don’t directly lead to work but are included here as they are designed to support an individual successfully gaining a job, progressing in a chosen field, preparing the individual for further study and supporting the development of techniques required for successful independent living. See here for our employability qualficiations